Our Mission

The mission of LEAD Green is to develop and cultivate high school students within Churchill County to become community leaders equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to improve their respective communities and have a successful future.

Our Vision

We envision a community dedicated to improving the youth and fostering leaders who better the lives of others. As an organization, we seek to provide leadership, education, awareness and development training to youth leaders. We strive to prepare youth for life beyond high school. Community service is a cornerstone to the success of leadership development.

Our Values

We are leaders: change agents improving the world one action at a time.
We honor service: providing our time and capabilities to better society.  
We seek development: continually bettering ourselves and the lives of others.
We encourage sustainability: creating long lasting legacy driven change.
We build community: coming together and recognizing our diversity of skills and background as a strength.

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NV Secretary of State Corporate charter

LEAD Green Bylaws

The best way to predict your future is by creating it.
— Abraham Lincoln