New Academic Year, New Leadership

FALLON, Nevada – LEAD Green received six resignations during this month’s Board of Directors meeting.

Garrett Kalt resigned from the office of President; Teresa Pearl Gehman resigned from the Board of Directors; Micaiah Saling resigned from the office of Vice President of Communication; Devere Karlson resigned from the office of Vice President of Development; Kiley Woolsey from the office of Vice President of Recruitment; and Robby Davis resigned from his position as Treasurer.

 Kalt founded LEAD Green, Inc. in February of 2017 with the desire to give youth leaders within Churchill County tools and a network to elevate their leadership and ability to make sustainable change. He assembled a Board of Directors and Executive Team to assist in the creation and implementation of LEAD Green’s Annual Leadership Summits and Scholarship Program.

 In his letter of resignation, Kalt stated: “LEAD Green is more than a non-profit, it is a group of dedicated individuals who want to give back. It is a philosophy that being from Fallon, our youth can do and become anything they set their mind to. Simply put, to me LEAD Green is family.”

Kalt said he resigned due to his plans to move to London in September to attend graduate school at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

 “It has truly been a pleasure to contribute to my hometown, a community I care about deeply, through LEAD Green,” Kalt said. “I have no doubt our work and advocacy for Churchill County youth will continue, and I look forward to witnessing the growth and positive impact we are able to have in the future.”

Gehman joined LEAD Green before it was an official Nevada 501c(3) Nonprofit Organization. She has experience counseling youth and preparing them for higher education. In addition to her service as a board member, Gehman also was a Facilitator at the First Annual LEAD Green Leadership Summit. She led a group of eight students through personal and professional development activities, as well as conducted a workshop about scholarship applications and college admission essays.

Saling graduated from Churchill County High School (CCHS) in 2014 and served in her role as VP of Communication for the 2017-18 academic year.  Saling promoted LEAD Green’s online presence through increased and consistent social media engagement. She also managed the social media accounts during the First Annual Leadership Summit.

Karlson was instrumental in this years’ service project as VP of Development. She coordinated a 5K Race in March to raise funds in order to purchase gifts for students placed in the Nevada Foster Care System. The 5K raised enough funds to purchase over 100 gifts that were brought to the Second Annual Leadership Summit. Student participants learned about the Foster Care system, wrapped and labeled the gifts to be given to foster care youth this upcoming Christmas season. 

Woolsey graduated from CCHS in 2017 and was influential in sharing LEAD Green’s message. She led registration for the Second Annual Leadership Summit in her role as VP of Recruitment. Woolsey is in the process of joining the United States Armed Forces.

Davis graduated from CCHS in 2014 and served as Treasurer for the 2017-18 academic year. In his role, Davis informed the Board of Directors about the fiscal health of LEAD Green and handled all the organization’s transactions. He assisted in both the First and Second Annual Leadership Summits, and attributes LEAD Green as his inspiration to go back to college.

“Success is shared, and LEAD Green has been a team effort from the very beginning,” said Kalt. “I’m overwhelmed with joy and truly honored for those who joined our movement, became part of our team, and contributed to our mission of serving and empowering the youth of this small-town community.”

LEAD Green will be releasing applications to fill the following positions at the start of September: President, Board Member, VP of Communication, VP of Development, VP of Recruitment and Treasurer.

The organization is incredibly thankful for the service of those who recently resigned. Congratulations and thank you to those who plan to continue their service: Andy Lenon, Board Member; Paolo Narag, Board Member; Kadie Zeller, Board Member; Glen Perazzo, Board Member; Cheryl Venturacci, Board Member; Kathleen Williams-Miller, Board Member; Alan Kalt, VP of Fundraising; Hannah Perazzo Johnson, Administrative Assistant.




(NOTE TO EDITOR: All staff members are non-paid volunteers and pictures are available upon request)


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